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Western Canada

November 17-18 Vancouver, BC

As previously announced, this year there will be no annual conference. However, we are organizing a few regional meetings. For Western Canada this year we will have a meeting on Friday and Saturday 17-18 November, 2017 in the Vancouver area.

For the Saturday we are fortunate to secure a very busy clinician and lecturer: 

Dr. German Ramirez-Yañez
Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and Functional Maxillofacial Orthopedics (DDS, MDSc, MS, PhD, FRCDC) Dr. Ramirez graduated in 1986, obtaining his DDS degree from the Javeriana University in Colombia. Afterwards, he completed a Pediatric Dentistry Diploma in Mexico. Dr. Ramirez interest includes guiding craniofacial growth and development in children. Thus, he trained in Orthodontics in Brazil, as well as completed a Master of Dental Sciences and Doctoral degree (PhD) in Oral Biology in Australia. He also holds a Master degree focusing in Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea from Tufts University in Boston, USA.

Dr. Ramirez will do a 1-day presentation (Saturday November 18, 2017) together with Fabiola Nossa (OMT). The topic will be the introduction of the Myobrace system and the role of the myofunctional therapist in this system.

The registration fee for the day will be for AACP members $ 550 and for non-members $ 600. For other non-dentist the fee will be $ 350.

The Friday will be a Canadian Chapter Members day; if you are a member in good standing, the registration will be $ 150 (basically covering food and rental fee). If you are not an AACP member, we will charge you a low $200. Hot breakfast, breaks and hot lunches are included for both days. For the Friday we will invite some local healthcare professionals who will do a short presentation (60-90 min.). We are able to secure a local physiotherapist (Fred Samorodin, We have a few other names, but if you have a person that you like to see, please contact me at

Central Canada

October 26-29, Toronto, ON

For Central Canada we have a a slightly different approach.
We found out that Dr. Lois Laynee is having a 3 and half day course in Toronto, ON.
Dr. Laynee is very busy clinician and lecturer, she has develop several therapy methods that is so much related to all what we do. I have been talking to her about what she is teaching, she is a very passionate lecturer and she has a very unique approach: neurology. No matter what method you are using (Functional ortho, ALF, Myobrace, orthotics) you will improve your outcome when you address the ANS.

In the short time that I was on the phone I learned these 2 important points:

  • Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Examination as an essential baseline for patient care (it is not screening, it is examination!)
  • Neurosequencing of the 12 Cranial Nerves to create autonomic balance prior to a definitive care plan.

The information about her course can be found here or here is a pdf flyer.
Her website is:
We are also pleased to tell you that we have negotiated that  AACP members will be honored with the early bird pricing, but you have to register before October 8, 2017(before our Canadian Thanksgiving).

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Conference Hotel


3099 Corvette Way Richmond BC VGXAKB
Phone: 1~800-291-9434

The Westin Wall Centre is located just 5 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

For reservation at this hotel, please call Hotel Reservations: 866-716-8108

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